General Ultrasound and Echocardiography

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General Ultrasound and Echocardiography

The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital has two ultrasound scanners: one portable with color Doppler, which is used for ultrasound in the operating room, in case of emergency, etc. , including exotic. It has tissue harmonic, essential for the diagnosis of specific alterations. It has high quality color doppler and spectral doppler for flow measurements. Thanks to its technology, data can be recovered for further processing. For echocardiography, it has a high-quality two-dimensional image for the diagnosis of certain cardiac pathologies. It has color doppler, pulsed and continuous spectral doppler. It has special probes for diagnosis from congenital heart diseases, abdominal pathologies or musculoskeletal diseases in animals of different sizes, including exotic. David Nieto is the veterinarian responsible for this department.

Ecografía General y Ecocardiografía

Diagnosis of pregnancy, pathologies such as polycystic kidneys (PKD), persistent arterial ducts or shunt or port-systemic shunt require an ultrasound for diagnosis.


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