Computerized veterinary tomography & Nuclear magnetic resonance

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Computerized veterinary tomography & Nuclear magnetic resonance

The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital is the first veterinary center in Spain that has a Helicoidal Computed Tomography (CT) device.

The speed of obtaining images is ten times greater than a conventional CT and it obtains volumetric data, being able to make three-dimensional images, dynamic angiographic studies and virtual endoscopy.

Visualization with good resolution of 1 mm tumors.

Quick explorations, such as a large dog’s thorax in just 30 seconds.

In neurology to evaluate herniated discs, spine fractures, cranial tumors, etc.

In traumatology to better assess fractures, diagnosis of elbow dysplasia, pre-surgical plan of bone deformations.

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Veterinary TAC

resonancia magnetica

Jose Rial, veterinarian analyzing a TAC

What is a CT scan for?

In oncology for the diagnosis of tumors and the pre-surgical plan of cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

In ENT to evaluate middle / internal otitis, polyps, nasal pathologies, etc.

In pulmonology to evaluate tumors, abscesses, pulmonary torsions, etc.

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Angiographic studies (3D images)

TAC: tumor adrenal gland dog Shunt portosystemic dog

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Case 1: CT scan: angiographic study in a case of adrenal gland tumor.

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Case 2: CT scan: pre-surgical study of an anastomosis (SHUNT) porto-cava.


In October 2011 the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital partnered with other centers in Alicante and Murcia to create the Diagnostic Center for Veterinary Image of Levante. This center has a 1.5 tesla NMR device. The centrol is located in Cuidad Quesada-Rojales, halfway between Alicante and Murcia. The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital has a transfer service for patients to the center. To request a resonance exam you can call 966860669. This resonance service is included in the discounted services for holders of the HEALTH PLAN of the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital.

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